Liquid Membrane Super Elastic Rubber Fiber Reinforced 18 Kg Bucket (New)

Membran mebran
İzopak Liquid Membranes ready to use, with rubber and fiber content and used for water Isolation and among the preferred choice of our valuable customers like our other products because it is economical and high quality.

Advantages: :
a) It is an excellent product produced with the latest technology in Isolation sector.
b) 100% is flexible and fills the capillary gaps on the surfaces it is used.
c) It provides Isolation without fittings
d) Economical
e) Long service life
f) Coldly applied
g) The application is easy and practical
h) Mesh and felt are applied in places that require high strength
ı) It provides high adhesion between various building materials
i) The surface can be painted

Usage areas:
a) Roof terraces
b) IWet areas (bathrooms, kitchens, toilets, etc.)
c) In hidden streams,
d) In the balcony porch and the like,
e) In the northern fronts of buildings,
f) In the lower paints with paintable feature
g) In protection of metal surfaces with anticorrosive properties

Hardening time:

1) 2-3 hours after the thinned first coating is applied,
2) The second layer is skinned approximately after 2-3 hours,
3) Depending on the air temperature it is fully hardened after 24-36 hours.

Homogenizing material:
Before application, liquid membrane in the bucket must be thoroughly homogenized. It must be mixed with a suitable mechanical mixer. Thinner or gasoline can be used to refine the material. The implementation of the material does not depend on the air temperature and it can be applied even in the hottest summer days and the coldest winter days.

Preparation of application surface:
Mortar particles on the surface, loose concrete pieces, all kinds of impurities must be removed.

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