Starfix and Sistem Fiberglass Mesh

Fiberglass Mesh is a carrier reinforcement material obtained by converting fiberglass fibers with high alkali resistance into yarn and then touched and colored with glue resin. Fiberglass Mesh are used in exterior and interior facades in structures requiring insulation. At the same time Fiberglass Mesh is used as flooring and ceiling insulation and as a supporting material for insulation in insulation against hot and cold climatic conditions.

On the buildings, the Fiberglass Mesh, which serves as a plastering fixture in the construction of the heat insulation of the mantle, especially the plaster files, fully meets the needs. Plaster mortars contain alkaline. A plaster file must be made of high strength pure glass in order to be durable to alkaline. The quality of our plaster is imported from the best quality and high strength glass fiber on the market. Plaster refill systems Thermal insulation systems Plaster filesystem standards are produced according to CE norms.

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