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İzopak bitumen Isolation membrane continues its path without disrupting its path in quality way in membrane group the company operates. It certifies this stable growth with quality documents and continues to grow day by day. İzopak membrane applies all quality standards both in the production phase and in after-sales service. In this context it completed certification of national and international validity and fulfills all requirements of being a registered trademark.

Water Isolation Membranes Product Codes and Product Applications

EN 11758-1: Foundations, bridges, viaducts, Large Structures, Tunnels, Artificial ponds, water channels, Waste Landfill, Water Treatment Plant and swimming pool and plastomeric and elastomeric polymer made from bituminous Isolation membranes.

EN 13707:Flexible bitumen sheets for Isolation in roofs
F2 : Fiberglass Reinforced Bituminous Isolation Membrane
PP3 : Polyester Felt Reinforced Bituminous Isolation Membrane
PAR3 : Polyester Felt Reinforced Slate Stone Coated Bituminous Isolation Membrane

EN 13969: flexible bituminous Isolation membrane sued in basement, Curtains, Bundling of buildings.
PP3 : Polyester Felt Reinforced Bituminous Isolation Membrane
PP4 : Polyester Felt Reinforced Bituminous Isolation Membrane


İzopak Bituminous Water Isolation Membranes

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